Control Allergies and Asthma with Chiropractic Care

Since the immune and respiratory systems depend on normal communication between the brain and spinal cord, when either is compromised an allergic or asthmatic reaction can occur. We can, after a thorough examination, suggest a course of treatment with our trained staff at Ocon Family Chiropractic. If your neck is misaligned it could cause an […]

Natural Stress Reliever

Chiropractic Care: A Natural Stress Reliever Our lives are full of pressure, stress, frustration and worry, both physical and mental, about — job security, being overworked, driving in rush-hour traffic, arguing with a spouse, concern about a loved one, retirement. Much of our stress simply comes from everyday responsibilities. In response to these daily strains, […]


SALINAS PATIENT APPRECIATION DAY – CHANGE SOMEONE’S LIFE Dear Patient and Friend, We have set aside a special day to acknowledge and appreci­ate our patients. As a means of thanking you for your support and commitment to health, we are inviting you to participate in a special event at Ocon Family Chiropractic You will receive a […]