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Maximized Technology Scan

The Maximized Technology Scan (MTS) is designed to analyze your body’s specific responses to various stressors and interferences. It then provides a detailed health report giving you insight into making decisions related to healthy weight loss and wellness.

Body Composition Analysis

A BCA measures multiples factors including total weight, Body Mass Index, Body Fat % , Body Water % , total body water weight, visceral fat and metabolic age. BCAs will be schedule twice throughout the program. These follow up appointments are key to monitoring your progress and success.

Permanent and Targeted Fat Loss

Body Transformation Challenge

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We decode your bodies need and fix your metabolism in 30 days to unlock your biological potential. Find and break the barriers keeping you from optimal health and chart your 30-day course for success.

It's not your fault. It's your metabolism. WE FIX THAT in 30 days!

Dr. Ocon

Our technology targets your hormone imbalances to determine the source of your weight gain and solves your weight loss challenges by bringing your body back into balance.


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Unlike other weight loss programs, Bio-Balance leaves you with no hunger or cravings!

It is typical to lose between 1/2 a pound to 2 pounds of fat per day.

Not only will your mood improve, but you will sleep better and have more energy.

Bio-Balance regulates your adrenal glands and hormones, putting them in balance.

Entering a state of autophagy, your body will overcome all sorts of health challenges.

The Bio-Balance Weight Loss System is safe, fast, and effective helping you remove harmful toxins and balance your hormones as you lose fat at incredible rates.

What can be better than losing 15-30+ pounds in 30 days? The fact that results are permanent.

personalized bio-hack scan decodes your body's need, and unlock your biological potential

Our technology-base program identifies berries to optimal health on an individual level using the latest development in Cellular Bio-Communication. By evaluating the information your body provides during our Bio-Survey , we can understand what will  help you become stronger, slimmer and fully balanced.

A Target plan is created based on your body’s unique needs.

Chart Your 30-Day Course for Success

You’ll be on your way to loss and true wellnes. The result from your Bio-Survey will determine precisley which supplements your body has a biological preference for and exacr dosage needed to achive internal system balance. You’ll also be provided with an individualized food list that outlines specific proteins, vegetables and fruits you body has a cellular affinity to.

Bio Balance Weight Loss

Monterey County Weight Loss Success Stories

Dr. Luis Ocon

I Took the Bio-Balance Challenge and lost 36 pounds in 30 days and I feel fantastic! 

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Bio-Balance is designed to provide you with customized supplements designed specifically for your body. This is all based on the results of your BioMax Technology Scan.

This program is designed for people who desire to live life to the fullest on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. We are always exposed to toxins regards of how much you try to protect yourself. Our hormones never seems to disappear down prematurely. If you are the person who wants to stay healthy, stay fit, and be at the pinnacle of your health potential, this is the program for you.

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